Saturday, July 4, 2015

 Link building is crucial for online success because it helps the search engines to rank a website. If this is done then it becomes easier for the website to convert visitors to buy, download, link or embrace whatever is the call-to-action.

 Experts engage in link building tactics that eschew black SEO techniques. They engage in white hat SEO and these involve the establishing of high-quality links. The good news is that the search engines use the quality link building as a major ranking factor for the websites. 
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 If you are new to link building then it becomes necessary to apply the system experts employ to achieve authentic link building for SEO. The following are authentic link building strategies that experts can employ to achieve perfect SEO. 

 1- Guest Blogging 
 Guest blogging is a method of writing articles for blogs or websites to gain links. The strategy helps to achieve quality links especially if the host blog is very popular. This is what most blogging experts do.
 Although guest blogging is recommended for link building, it must be applied systematically. Remember, this method can be used to grow your personal brand hence it becomes necessary to create and share quality contents in ways that will provide solutions to the readers. In other words, the goal of your guest blogging, as experts do, should be to provide a helpful, clear and informative content.
 2 - Social Promotions
 Authentic link building can be achieved if we get active on social media. Yes, the articles posted or created for your website should be promoted to all the social platforms you are active with. Thankfully, there are many websites or platforms out there from which contents can be shared, tweeted, distributed, mentioned, mentioned or talked about. 

 For heads up, ensure you post links and submit posts on social platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others. The important thing to note while doing these is not how long you stay on these networks but helpful the content you have shared is.
 It would be easier to earn valuable links if you promote contents that good. Others will easily promote them if your content is good. 

 3 - Reach out to others for links
 You can reach out for links when you ask people you mentioned in articles to link to you. Remember, this is not "begging for links" nor "trading links". It is simply messaging those you know about a post you have written and suggest if the piece could be helpful to their audience.
 Many experts reach out to those they know in the industry and their names easily get bandied about. Although you can reach out for those experts you don't know but it’s more effective to reaching out and asking people or company you know for links.
 A good example of how this can be done is to write a short message to ABC individual/company suggesting you mentioned him in a post or content you have created and shared. This can prick the interest of the person and an authentic link building relationship can be developed.

  4 - Use infographics to build links
 You should create infographics and start building links. This type of content is still very effective in building links. Neil Patel of Quicksprout agreed with this when he affirmed what Drew Hendricks of AudienceBloom clearly answered "infographic are still effective for link building".
 Yes, with infographic one can still build authentic links. To achieve it, there is need to create and maintain valuable and helpful information as content.
 Over the years, infographic has lost some of its appeal in link building but its still very effective in helping marketers gain some links.

 5 - Personal Brand Growth
 Authentic backlinks are natural backlinks. These can be earned when there is a growth in your personal brand. It is a slow and steady way of gaining authentic back links but it sure works.
 Growing personal brand for backlinks means you need to build valuable product/service, connect with mentors, get press release coverage, do guest blogging, speak at conferences, do outreach, and help others, etc. These actions simply means you can promote your brand and let it trend. It becomes easier for you to get noticed and earn large numbers of backlinks. 

 Conclusively, authentic link building is not wished for but earned. You can apply the above strategies to increase you site rankings in the search engines. The most interesting thing to note is that these methods facilitate safe link building.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

You have just won a freelance writing gig and you are now set to deliver on the assignments given to you by the client. To complete your assignment you need to get motivated and one of the ways to achieve this is to be reminded of what I call the 5 D's of writing success.

These are factors that can help you achieve your goals. They include Desire, Discipline, Dedication, Determination, and Delivery.

Each of these factors can influence the successful completion of a freelance writing assignment with ease. If your gig involves any form of freelance writing assignment, the 5 D's we will discuss below can influence you.

A freelance writing assignment for you could be blog post articles, eBooks, white paper, product review, case study reports, or any other form of writing in fiction or nonfiction. Once there is a contract between you and the client your very logical next step would be complete the assignment.

However, many writers are not able to meet up with terms of the freelance contract and these will result to incomplete projects, loss of clients, and loss of revenue. If you want to take your freelance writing business very serious then you should be willing to make the necessary sacrifice to make it work.

 This is why you should check out the 5Ds below to complete your assignments always.

Remember, whenever you complete your freelance writing assignment on time, your credibility, dependability, revenue, and satisfaction will soar


You must desire to achieve the goal set for your assignment. The expectations of the client is be considered and taken seriously. This should reflect in terms quantity and quality. If you have set the goal to write a piece of content with 500 words then you must feed your desire to achieve same. Tips you can employ include:

  •    concentrating and remaining focus on the task ahead
  •     doing what is necessary to reach the set objectives


To complete the task of freelance writing there is need to stay disciplined to set goals. The freelance writer who must stay on top of his game should be ready to do the needful irrespective of whether he/she is comfortable or not. Discipline is needful for success in life. It entails making the right sacrifice


As a freelance writer you must be determined to pursue the task ahead with all seriousness. Writing is demanding and only the most determined can succeed in it. So ensure you are readily determined to accomplish all the set goals so that set target is accomplished.


Without quality a freelancer is not going to go far in his work. It becomes necessary that commitment to excellence is maintained in writing. You need to dedicate time to provide quality creation in writing, editing, and publishing. Dedication is a key quality needed by the freelance writer who wants to keep accomplishing desired tasks.


Timely delivery of service is the hallmark of the professional freelance writer. Clients always want to a service provider that will keep to deadlines. As a freelance writer you must be able to deliver as at when due. If there is the desire to deliver quality write-ups at the right time then it becomes easy to accomplish all.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Implementing SEO is never an easy task. Most successful companies that key into strategy understand this task. There is need for you to take advantage of the SEO tactics that would really bring about quick results for clients.

 If you own a business and decide to get results with search engine optimization or SEO, the following implementation tips can help get results. Yes, you are more likely to achieve better results in traffic and conversion if you put the tips shared here in practice.

 1 - Research and learn about SEO if you decide to toe the do-it-yourself route.

 You cannot implement search engine optimization effectively without having idea of what your task is. You must be a Student of SEO so you can learn all the essentials needed to implement good SEO. You are in the luck because there are great many resources out there for which you learn study and develop the skills of SEO.

 2 - Commit to long-term output

 SEO is not a day's job. It demands time and resources in the long term. If you just started today, don't expect getting impactful result in the short-term. There are often changes on what makes SEO tactics work today. These changes may no longer apply in the coming weeks. The behaviour of search engine algorithms is a good example for which we must learn from. So, be committed to get the needed results in the long term.

 3 - Set realistic goals for all your SEO tactics

 Goal setting for successful SEO is crucial just as it is essential for man to take water. At every stage or phase of SEO, target need be set and web analytic should be installed on the website to track the success of any goal or target. Web analytic systems must be implemented from the start of website so you never get to miss out on any important ranking factor.

 4 - Build a website with all the basics SEO in place

 Before you think of implementing search engine optimization, you need to build a great website. This website must comprise of the basics of SEO. The website should have:

  •   Epic and unique content. This includes contents that are written for humans and not the search engines.
  •  Well-structured URLs
  •  Well placed keywords in strategic points. E.g. keywords should be used on URLS, anchor texts, first paragraphs, Meta description, and other vital parts of the website.
  •   Build internal and external links intelligently. Links should be interlinked properly within the same website. Likewise, good link building from authority and related websites through commenting and engagements should be maintained.

 5 - Use relevant tools to enforce implementation of basic SEO tactics

 There are many tools that can help you make the most of your SEO campaigns. These tools help in analysing your website so you get to know what is happening. For instance, analytical tool like Google Webmaster Central, Yahoo Site Explorer, and Bing Webmaster Tools etc, can be used to see how your website/blog is seen by the search engines. Other important tools that can help in the implementation of effective SEO are link building tools like DMOZ and social media marketing tools.

 6 - Use Social Media Marketing tactics wisely

 Effective implementation of SEO can be achieved by a good social media marketing campaign. This begins with taking advantage of basic social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Quora, Flickr, Yahoo answers, etc. You should participate fully in engagements and obey the rules of the platform.

 Finally, you should not ignore optimizing your site for local search. There are local directories and social directories on which you can list the URLs and the address of your site.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

If you are interested in making money online then you should consider writing to get paid. You can earn generously if your writing skill is appropriately combined intelligence, solution and strong passion.  The value of your writing will steadily attract readers and earning.

It’s preferable you develop and apply strong passion when writing to earn online.  This will help you stay motivated and inspired whenever the will to write becomes less appealing. Yes, “writers block” could very well be hindrance for successful writing!

The inspired and motivated writer is one whose passion surpasses the odds against his expertise. He is propelled to stay disciplined and remain on course to create and share value to the reader.

The type of writing to which you get paid for could be crafted to entertain, instruct, educate, or inform the reader.

The piece should solve a problem for the reader, one way or the other.

Here is a guide that can help you make money online if you passionately employ your writing skill.


There are many forms of writing which users or businesses are willing to pay the writer for. If you can provide the content needed then making money would become easy for you. You can start with popular demands like blog articles and sales copy.

Many organizations and individuals pay writers who create high quality blog posts and articles to meet their businesses’ marketing needs. You can leverage on this demand and get paid writing online.

Apart from blog posts and sales copy, e-books, infographics, product reviews, whitepapers, case study reports and “how-to guides”, are other forms of writing that can earn money for you online.

You just need to assess the option you are passionate about with so you can deliver value to the client through it.


There are rules and steps you must apply if you want your writing to make a mark online. The application of these rules will help you create copies that can naturally influence readers to take action. Also, you are invariably marketing your talent for clients that love writers who stick to the rules.

Here are rules and steps you should take to make the most of your online writing productive and rewarding.

  •     write to provide solutions to the reader
  •     make your piece accessible to the search engines always
  •     use appealing titles and relevant keywords on the paragraphs
  •     edit properly and proofread to eliminate grammatical and spelling errors
  •     Your titles and paragraphs must be well coordinated so there would be easy flow of ideas to your call-to-action.
  •     All contents must clear, concise, constructive, and communicable.

Conclusively, you can get inspired and get paid to write. You can sign up with many freelance writing websites to earn from your writing. These websites can connect you with clients who are ready pay handsome fees for quality articles. Examples of these websites are Problogger, oDesk, Elance, and Freelancer. So, take a step, access these websites and get paid writing today!

Monday, November 19, 2012

An exhibition in Vienna probes our attitude towards nudity - people in the West have become accustomed to the naked female form, but male nudes can still shock. Before the show opened, the museum even covered up parts of its own posters, saying they had caused public outrage.
Five naked male statues on a pedestal confront you as you enter the new exhibition at the Leopold Museum.
The earliest is Ancient Egyptian, and the most recent a figure based on a shopping mannequin.
art_156_By Michael Reedy
Tobias Natter, the director of the Leopold Museum, says the opening display is a "walk through 500 years of history".
"You have an old Egyptian nude, which is very unusual for Egyptian art, you have Roman art, you have Rodin from the 19th and 20th Century, to a postmodern statue. It tells the visitor the male nude in art has a very long tradition," he says.

The exhibition features a diverse range of styles, from paintings by Peter Paul Rubens, Paul Cezanne, Edvard Munch and the expressionist artist Egon Schiele, to more modern and sexually explicit works by the US photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and the London-based artists Gilbert and George.
There are images of erect penises, and of anuses.
Natter says the museum is breaking new ground.

"It's quite unusual for an exhibition to focus on the depiction of the male nude. Surprisingly we had many exhibitions dealing with the female nude body, but so far never an exhibition which features the male nude. Somehow it is a taboo.
"On the other hand, we see that the male nude is getting a new presence in modern contemporary society. He is now on posters, he is on stages, he is getting more and more normal."
An image of naked woman is still regarded in a very different light from that of a naked man, Natter says.
"We saw with the advertising for our exhibition, there is still a difference between a female nude body on the poster or a male nude body. This makes a cultural difference that is still on-going and needs to be discussed with an exhibition."
One of the posters advertising the exhibit featured a full-frontal photograph of three naked footballers, by the French artists Pierre et Gilles. Shortly before the opening last month, the Leopold Museum said that it had received so many complaints that it had been forced to take action.

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